About Michael Mastrogiacomo

I am the CEO & Founder of Boss Financial Inc. I came from an Italian family background living in Toronto, Ontario my whole life. When I am not working, for fun time I enjoy working out, playing sports (baseball, soccer, hockey, basketball, and tennis) and attending to sporting events. I am a die-hard Toronto blue jays’ fan. I am sports car guy and I attend to every car show that happens in Toronto.

Why I chose this profession?

My journey into the world of finance began with a childhood fascination for numbers and an insatiable curiosity about how money worked. Raised in a family that emphasized the importance of financial literacy, I absorbed financial wisdom from a young age. This foundation laid the groundwork for my future career as a financial consultant.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit After completing my education in finance and gaining valuable experience working for a reputable financial institution, I recognized the undeniable entrepreneurial spirit within me. I understood that entrepreneurs faced unique financial challenges and sought a path that would allow me to empower them.

Realizing the Need Through extensive research and interactions with entrepreneurs and real estate investors, I identified a common problem plaguing their financial journey—cash flow constraints. Many were struggling to balance their investments while ensuring liquidity for their businesses or personal needs.

Commitment to Transformation Driven by a burning desire to make a difference, I made a pivotal decision to become a financial consultant specializing in the infinite banking concept. I embarked on a journey of continuous learning, obtaining certifications and refining his expertise in this revolutionary financial strategy.

Empowering Entrepreneurs and Real Estate Investors As a financial consultant, I now works tirelessly to empower entrepreneurs and real estate investors with the tools and knowledge they need to conquer their cash flow challenges. I understand the unique goals and dreams of his clients, tailoring customized financial strategies to meet their specific needs.

Building a Legacy Through my dedication, I not only helped individuals overcome financial obstacles but I also witnessed the creation of wealth, financial security, and a legacy for countless entrepreneurs and real estate investors. My mission is to continue this legacy, inspiring others to take control of their financial destinies.


  • Chartered Life Underwritter Designation
  • Certified Cash Flow Specialist
  • Incorporated Boss Financial Inc. in 2020
  • Certified massage & hydrotherapy
  • Certified fitness personal trainer
  • Black Belt in Martial Arts

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