Boss Financial Offers an Alternative Approach to Financial Planning

The Prosperity Economics Movement helps clients regain financial control by breaking free from the norms of the typical financial planning and start building a Prosperity Mindset. We can help you build sustainable and secure wealth by:

  • Emphasizing strategies that keep you on solid financial ground
    and keep you off the investment roller coaster of the stock
  • Providing savings alternatives to banks that offer privacy and
    protection for your financial.
  • Revolutionizing the advisor/client relationship by eliminating
    standard “management fees” and other charges that hinder your
    financial performance.
  • Teaching you how to protect what you already have and how to
    grow and build from it.

The Prosperity Economics Movement Difference

The PEM philosophy and approach to personal finance is based on a prosperous way of thinking that helps clients reach for their financial dreams. Compare our philosophy to that of typical financial planning:

Based on limited ideas of “what you can afford.”

  • Minimizes Requirements
  • Product-Oriented (What You Buy)
  • Focused on Rate-Of-Return
  • Institutions Control Your Money
  • Micro (Vacuum) Based
  • Net Worth is Measurement
  • Retirement Oriented
  • Lives Only On Interest
  • Money Stays Still
  • Dollars Do Only One Job
  • Professional Planner Is The Expert

Based on unlimited ideas of “what is possible?”

  • Optimizes Opportunities
  • Strategy-Oriented (What You Do)
  • Focused On Recovering Opportunity Cost
  • You Control Your Money
  • Macro (Big Picture) Based
  • Cash Flow is Measurement
  • Abundant/Freedom Oriented
  • Spends and Replaces Principle
  • Money Moves
  • Dollars Do Many Jobs
  • Clients Are Empowered

Prosperity economics represents different strategies and values different than typical financial planning. Ask yourself if you should....

  • Hand over your money to companies who will charge management fees whether your funds are gaining or losing?
  • Analyze your risk tolerance (i.e., How comfortable you are wit losing money) while subjecting your assets to losses?
  • Max out your RRSP and cross your fingers that you’ll have enough money to live on without running out of money?
  • Take tax deductions now by putting in money in retirement plans that can subject you to unknown future taxes later?
  • Tie up your dollars in accumulation vechicles that cant be collaterized and pay penalties for using assets before age 59?

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